Customer Support Update | Payza Blog

You might be wondering why it’s taking so long to get through to Payza Customer Support at the moment. The truth is that business is growing phenomenally at the moment, much greater than we expected, and we are all working non-stop to keep up with the demand. We have currently more than doubled the Customer Support […]

Payza’s Online Payment Platform is Officially Launched to the Global Marketplace

New York, NY  ( May 24, 2012 — Payza announces their official launch to the world. The online payment platform is now operational in 197 countries and 22 currencies, and provides the global marketplace with convenient and affordable methods to transfer international payments. The core of Payza’s online payment processing service is the e-wallet […]

Safe Online Shopping | Payza Blog

  The future of buying is online. While credit cards and debit cards are still the dominant purchasing tool, cracks are beginning to show. Little by little, buyers are realizing that e-wallets and other alternative payment methods are a safer and easier way to pay. Unlike traditional methods, payment processors such as Payza allow you […]

Why We Are the Future of Online Payments

A lot has changed since the internet has become a space for commerce. With more and more people from across the globe shopping online and using the web to work, communicate and send money, there is an increasing demand for efficient and secure methods to send money instantly. The payments industry, once dominated by banks, […]

Introducing Payza | Online payments

Online payments – a customer browses a merchant’s website, finds something they want, pulls out a credit card, plugs information into the site and hits the “Pay Now” button. It should be simple, shouldn’t it? Just like that, the product should be in the mail or access to the service should be instantly provided. But […]