It’s Easy Being Green


Happy Earth Day!

On April 22nd of every year, people in almost 200 countries around the world celebrate Earth Day – a day dedicated to showing support for and raising awareness of our environment and what we can do to protect it. As an e-commerce platform, we at Payza are proud to promote Earth Day and to tell you about how being “Green” benefits business and how e-commerce benefits the environment.

Go Green to Cut Business Costs

When businesses cut down on their energy consumption, they see a very real benefit to their balance sheet. Using less electricity and less paper isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your bottom line too. Here’s a list of benefits to going “Green”:

  • Save money. Conserving energy by using energy-efficient devices, turning off unnecessary equipment (like all those computers left running after everybody has gone home), recycling, and saving water all cut down on your energy bills.
  • Conserve supplies. Many changes can be made with little or no extra work or expense, such as installing energy-efficient light-bulbs, which last longer and use less energy than regular bulbs. Consider cutting down on your printing costs by printing only what you need and using both sides of the paper.
  • Improve staff productivity. Getting employees to help to “Green” the workplace encourages teamwork, improves the quality of the workplace, and increases morale.
  • Improve your reputation. If people know you’re an eco-friendly business it can help you to attract more clients, business partnerships and potential employees.

E-Commerce Benefits the Environment (And You)

There are many benefits associated with e-commerce. Online shopping expends a fraction of the energy that traditional retail does, due to the energy requirements of brick-and-mortar stores and the gasoline burnt by millions of shoppers driving to and from shopping centers every day. Here is a list of things that you will save if you shop online:

  • Time. All of that time you waste commuting and getting stuck in traffic is the cause of most of the pollution associated with shopping.
  • Money. The gas money you spend driving around while shopping can really add up, and you won’t be able to compare prices and find the best deal as easily as you can online.
  • Operational costs. Online stores use very little energy to run compared to brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Shipping costs. Brick-and-mortar stores get their merchandise shipped from the warehouse, where you pick it up and deliver it back to your home. Items purchased online can be shipped directly from the warehouse to you, and the postal service delivers hundreds of items in one truckload. Think of how much more efficient that is than having a hundred different people all driving their cars to the mall and back.

How are you planning to help protect the environment this Earth Day? Leave a comment below or join the conversation at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

About Payza

Payza is an award-winning online payment platform specializing in e-commerce processing, corporate disbursements, and remittances for individuals and businesses around the world.


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