Important Changes to Payza Payment Buttons

If you use Payza for your online payment processing needs and have Payza Payment Buttons on your website, please take note of the following important changes to this feature. In order to improve our services, we have implemented additional resources to assure that all IPN (Instant Payment Notification) data is received by your IPN Handler. […]

With Payza You Can Sell Smarter, Not Harder

With the busy holiday shopping season here, it’s a great time to start using Payza to maximize your sales. Whether you sell locally or globally, Payza can provide you with the tools you need to maximize your online revenue over the holidays and all year-round.   With Payza’s Developer Center and Customer Support team, we’re […]

Are you a Freelancer? Try Payza!

Online Freelancers

No matter what type of freelance work you specialize in, if you’re looking for a way to expand your client base and you’d like a secure option to process client payments, Payza can help. We provide a user-friendly online payment platform that makes it easy for you to get paid by your clients. We offer […]

Back to School Special Now Over

With September now behind us, Payza’s back to school special, the “1+1=0 Promotion”, ended on Friday, October 5. Like all good things, this deal had to come to an end, and the 3.5% transaction fee that was waived will once again apply to credit card loads. This deal was a success! Payza members took advantage […]

From passwords to keystrokes: an evolution in user identification technology

Payza Security

Gone are the days of remembering long, complicated, case-sensitive passwords. Or are they? With new user identification technologies on the market, passwords might be going obsolete. But are these new technologies really as effective as a strong password?  With the common problem of using the same passwords on different online accounts, and the proliferation of […]