How Online Payments Changed the Way We Spend

Long gone are the days when you had to go to the bank teller to withdraw the cash you needed for groceries, entertainment, clothes and other expenses. With debit cards, credit cards and electronic wallets, you can spend your money anywhere, anytime, without actually seeing it physically move from your hands to someone else’s. While […]

E-Commerce Leads in More than Just Sales

The e-commerce industry has passed another milestone. E-commerce sites are now preferred over brick-and-mortar stores as the place for fraudsters to illegally acquire payment card information. It`s more important now than ever to protect yourself from scams and keep your personal information private, and Payza can help. The latest annual Global Security Report from information […]

Review of the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season

2012 is over and the holiday shopping season has come and gone – but not according to plan. Hurricane Sandy and the US presidential election delayed the preparations for the holidays, while wary customers in a slowly recovering global economy have not forgotten the hard-learned lessons of thrift and debt reduction. At the same time, […]

Not your Father’s Wallet: Digital and Mobile Wallets Change the Way We Interact with Money

These days consumers have such a wide range of payment options, you could go for weeks without ever needing to use actual cash. Between credit cards, debit cards, checks and e-wallets, printed money has almost become a thing of the past. Slowly Going Mobile Mobile wallets, such as Google Wallet and ISIS — the joint […]

How mobile phones are impacting payment processing

Online Mobile Payment Processing

It seems like e-commerce is still new and innovative, but truth be told, it’s old news. As with most technological advances, new developments have to become increasingly convenient to meet the needs and desires of the masses. So a brand of commerce that allows people to buy and sell online while on-the-go is what’s really […]

Keeping Your Identity Safe on Campus

payza security

Going to university whether you’re in your late teens, twenties or in your forties is a big step for many people, and it is rife with all sorts of worries. How do I hold down a job while keeping up my grades? How do I juggle family and my studies? How do I pay for […]

Payza adds LexisNexis screening tool

Physical money is disappearing as people and businesses alike are coming to understand that digital money is both safer and more versatile. However, financial organizations must be vigilant to keep customers safe in the evolving world of finance and stay steps ahead of fraud and money laundering activities. A Sign of the Times The recent […]

Social Media in Business

Two weeks ago we wrote about LinkedIn’s security breach and the ways that Payza and its users can prevent the same thing from happening to us. Now I’d like to take a look at what LinkedIn is doing right, and at the bigger picture of what it can teach us about the role of social […]

Banking Takes a Backseat to Technology | Payza Blog

It’s clear. People are going to the bank less and less all the time. First ATMs came along and made it easy never to go inside the bank. Now there’s little reason ever go to the bank at all. There’s not much left that can’t be done from home, with online banking and payment processors like Payza […]

The Facts about Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid Debit Cards are a fairly new and quickly growing phenomenon. In the past, prepaid debit cards have been primarily marketed to the “unbankable” – people who have too poor of a credit rating to use an alternative or who do not have a traditional checking account for whatever reason. While this is still a major […]